42-tonne mechanical elephant comes to London

Mike sez, "A 42 tonne mechanical elephant will be maraurding around the streets of London as of tomorrow (Friday). Apparently its space ship landed near Pall Mall today!"

The elephant is made up of hundreds of moving parts and is made largely of wood. It will thunder through streets, squares and public spaces, along with scores of performers and some large-scale puppets.

Nikki Webb, of Artichoke, which is putting on the event, said the spaceship structure had already caused a stir with Londoners.


(Thanks, Mike!) (Photo from La visite du Sultan sur son éléphant à voyager dans le temps" – Royal de Luxe – 2005)

Update: Michael sez, "The spaceship of the Sultan's Elephant has indeed arrived in London's Waterloo Place – and is steaming away nicely… The puppet girl is due to emerge at 2pm tomorrow, by all accounts. I took a photograph this morning when the artistic director of Royal de Luxe was doing a press conference beside it."

Update 2: Mike sez, "I got some pretty good footage of the elephant taking his first walk through London today."