Audio from Bruce Sterling's "Arphid nor RFID" rant

The audio from Bruce Sterling's London SPPACE speech Arphid Not RFID is up:

Bruce predicts there will be 3 main phases of ARPHID art practice, and a window of opportunity lasting about 7 years before ARPHID fades into obscurity.

-The first phase he says will be the magic stage/the Mellies stage involving 'Jarking' – putting the chips into objects without people knowing to come up with sometimes freaky/magic-like interactions.

-The Second phase will be a detournement (like Nancy Nisbit work) marked by an increased awareness of ARPHID by trying to make some Bohemian kick-back, trying to build scandals out of it exploiting the sinister aspects of the technology.

-During the third phase, ARPHID will have reached a degree of maturity.

Bruce also predicts that there will be a sex scandal involving Oyster Cards in the next 18 months. Predict the present old sci-fi writers tricks, possibly some similar dirty tricks activity along these lines. Jealous (politician) husband/wife plants on partner, hacks card establish airing spouse is somewhere not meant to be etc

Link, Coral Cache direct download

(via We Make Money Not Art)

Update: Dave sez, "The New Statesman's got a podcast of his (more broadly themed) London talk and Q&A from earlier in the week."