Pet mummification for $4,000 and up

Utah's Summum company specializing in mummifying dead things — they'll mummify you and put you in a sarcophagus for the ages, and they'll also do your pets, from budgies to doggies, for prices starting at $4,000 plus another $4,000 for the sculpted, gold-leaf "mummiform" for their remains.

Upon delivery of your pet to our facilities in Salt Lake City, our Thanatogeneticists will immediately begin the Mummification and Transference. Individuals who have lovingly mummified their own pets will care for your friend with the affection and attention of a mother. The Summum science of Mummification revives the ancient art of wrapping the body and treating it with oil, while Transference aids the journey of your pet's essence to its next destination. When the Mummification and Transference are complete, we place your pet within a bronze Mummiform and rejoin you with your beloved companion. Your cherished friend has been transformed, as the caterpillar to a butterfly, in the promise of another tomorrow.


(via OhGizmo)