Private Infringer: fanfic based on Captain Copyright

"The Continuing Adventures of Private Infringer" is a fan-fiction serial based on Captain Copyright, the comic-book character created by Access Canada as a brainwashing tool to use in classrooms. Captain Copyright promotes a one-sided view of copyright, but Private Infringer, his unfortunate sidekick, promotes the other:

Every time he tries to rip his CDs to put them on his MP3 player, that guy Captain Copyright in spandex pajamas, is in his face telling him it's wrong. Yesterday he downloaded a copy of DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album. When CC showed up to lecture him in his usual condescending way, Infringer tried explaining that DJ Dangermouse put it on the web for free himself. But Copyright said that didn't matter. Paul McCartney did not approve, and that is all that really did matter.

How was it, Infringer wondered, that a society which judges itself to be so enlightened could find it so easy to suppress art. He then thought about all the other lost art which he had either heard of, or in some cases, even seen parts of himself. "The Cat NOT in the Hat", "Eyes on the Prize", and another new book. What was it again? Oh yeah, "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got in".


(Thanks, David!)

Update: David Lynch, who manages a fanfic archive, is offering free hosting to any and all Captain Copyright fanfic, even "slash" (gay erotica), "Just be sure to mark fics NC-17
when the Captain is showing how he'd *really* like to treat consumers!"

Update 2: This Captain Copyright parody comic is superb. (Thanks, Philipp!)