Hackers' wedding vows based on Pi and Phi

My friend Mako got married recently; he's a hacker and so's his new wife, Mika, and they exchanged vows of mathematical significance: "the numbers of letters in each word in each vow matches consecutive digit in the decimal expansion of a famous mathematical constant." Mika chose Pi, Mako chose Phi. Here's the Pi vow:

Now, I give a total offertory to joyful union.

I'll honor – joyously, endlessly, loyally, devotedly – you.

In the marriage that unites us, paired Yang and Yin,
Benjamin and me, forever soulmates, shall complement as
partners steadily.

With a doubtless promise, I pledge integrity and stability
sincerely. Our rounded rings, a completely noble treasure;
it represents continual respect, love, perpetual link with
trust, limitless.

My vow: absolutely lasting devotion.


(via Vitanova)