HOWTO make a rolling LCD projector

 Popsci Images 2006 06 Projector 485Popular Science has plans to build this rolling LCD projector, perfect for screening summer films on the sides of buildings. It's based on Lumenlab's technique to convert a 15-inch computer monitor into a high-definition LCD projector. The whole shebang cost just a bit over $1000 and took the maker 25 hours. It would be fun to build one into a vintage motorcycle sidecar!
Link (via MAKE: Blog)

UPDATE: BB reader John Young tells us about his sidecar outfitted with a "16MM-projector-on-a-Navy-searchlight-tripod-rig" that he uses for Guerilla Drive-Ins around West Chester PA:

 Images Che Gdi
The only photos I have right now (linked to from that page) are of my sidecar filled with tap-dancing crime-fighting showgirls, but I _do_ show movies out of it at secret locations in and around West Chester, PA. In order to sign up, folks have to locate the hidden AM transmitter in West Chester, record the ID number that's read aloud on a continuous loop from it, then use that number on the website to confirm their place on the notification list.

Then it's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" projected onto the wall of the gym at the local high school, or "Meatballs" at the lake. Short notice, small crowds, but not stealthy (both an R100 and a 16MM projector are LOUD.)

Both my 16MM projector and my motorcycle are from 1977, which was a banner year for heavy metal, punk music, and science fiction. Link

By the way, the original, biggest, and coolest "guerilla drive-in" event is Rico Thunder's in California. Link