Mac tetris game killed by The Tetris Company

Kirk sez, "Quinn, probably the most attractive of all tetris clones, got a nastygram from The Tetris Company. This program, which has been around for years, but which recently got enough publicity to draw it to the attention of the Tetris Company, is no longer being distributed. I don't know the legal basis for this nastygram – after all, there are dozens if not hundreds of tetris clones – but the developer certainly has no resources to fight the big magilla. A shame, because for sheer beauty of the interface, this program is probably the best out there. Oh, and it is (or was) free as well."


(Thanks, Kirk)

Update: My name is Chris Wells and I do web development for the Quinn project. I would appreciate it if you could ask the BB crowd for a bit
of advice (legal or otherwise) on the matter. Simon (Quinn's
developer) and I are trying to figure out _for sure_ if we really have
a legal leg to stand on, even if we couldn't afford a trial. If
anyone would like to give us a little assistance, we have an archive
of the original page and application to offer up. Chris's email:

Update 2: Rob sez, "The Quinn (Tetris) program can still be downloaded from these locations: Link 1, Link 2