Aussie mall defends its photons from terrorists

A Melbourne shopping center and tourist attraction have banned photographs, in order to prevent terrorism. Because all terrorism begins with the devilish capture of precious photons. Once these photons have been taken away to the terrorists' spider caves, they are converted into terrorist photons and re-released at the speed of light to attack their targets with relatavistic savageness.

Naive Australians have aided the cause of terrorism by walking around with their own cameras, taking photos of the "no-photography" signs, not suspecting that their cameras are secret members of Al-Qamera, and that many of the photons they "innocently" capture are sent via steganographic means to Afghanistan Iraq Iran for processing at secret photon-camps.

"At no times do we permit photography in our back-of-house areas, in or surrounding our restrooms and within individual retail tenancies," a spokeswoman said. "There are safety, security, privacy and copyright issues which need to be considered with all photography and filming within the centre, and we reserve the right to ask people to stop filming or photographing if it is deemed inappropriate."


(Photo thumbnail taken from a larger picture credited to Dallas Goldberg)