Hi-Fructose volume 3



I just received volume #3 of the delightful Hi-Fructose art/pop/culture magazine and it's an absolute beauty. Inside, a conversation between Mark Ryden and Hi-Fructose founders Attaboy and Annie Owens, an interview with Jim Woodring, a remembrance of the legendary Marvin Glass (the toy designer behind Rockem Sockem Robots, Ricochet Racers, Astro Lite, Stay Alive, and a lot of other 1960s and 1970s fun), and much more. This issue also includes a special superbonus gift, a custom View-Master Reel of art toy photos by the amazing Brian McCarty. Receiving Hi-Fructose in the mail is like having a great pop surrealist gallery delivered right to your door. (At left, the cover of Volume #3 by Mark Ryden. At right, Brian McCarty's photo of Sam Flores's new vinyl figure Fatima.) Link