Websense censors Cory's podcasts – UPDATED

See update below

Websense, an Internet censorship company that I've criticized here, has apparently decided to punish me by censoring every podcast I've ever made. The files are hosted on the Internet Archive, and consist of me reading non-pornographic, award-winning science fiction stories. It's hard to believe that someone accidentally mistook these files for "free software download" (the category that Websense has used, one that is selected for blocking by many corporate and school customers); as between that explanation and the notion that Websense has sought petty revenge against its critics, the latter is more credible to me.

I spoke with Cas Purdy, the Websense PR manager, but he was unable to provide any information or comment at this time.


Update: Websense added all of archive.org/download to its "free software download" category after this post was published.

Update 2: Websense has reclassified the Internet Archive and my podcast. This morning, archive.org/download was not classed as "Software Download," but archive.org/download/ (with trailing slash) was, hence the appearance that my podcasts had been singled out. Websense has since reclassified all of the Internet Archive, including my podcasts, as "Search Engines and Portals."
(Thanks, Salim!)