State Department: misinformed report on skateboarding

The United States Department of State has posted an overview of skateboarding titled "Skateboarding Grows from Casual Hobby to International Sport." points out some of the best moments:

It seems that skateboarding is now a topic of national importance.

If it is they certainly need to work on getting their facts straight. Here are a few highlights:

– "If (tricks are) executed well, fellow skaters will offer their most superlative compliment: "Dude, that stinks!"

– "…the impact cushioned by the kneepads and helmets virtually all skateboarders wear."

– "Tight jeans are in "because they let you see your feet,"

The article also mentions, "Tee Cherry, an American Muslim, taking a few minutes to skateboard with his young son before heading off to afternoon prayers." Is it a tad strange to call out a skate Dad as an American Muslim in an article created by the Bureau of International Information Programs or is it just us?

Link to the State Department report, Link to post (Thanks, Dave Gill!)

UPDATE: The article has been taken down and replaced with this note:

The editorial staff of USINFO were surprised by the feedback we received regarding the article "Skateboarding Grows from Casual Hobby to International Sport." We have removed the article from the web site and are determining how we can best present this increasingly popular American sport to interested readers worldwide.