Identity thieves in Toronto steal entire house

Paul Reviczky's rental property in suburban Toronto was sold out from under him by identity thieves who impersonated him and finalized the sale. Due to the shambolic state of Canadian property law, it may be that he'll end up with neither his house nor the proceeds of the sale:

Police believe Reviczky's most recent "tenants" forged his name on a power of attorney that purported to give a grandson named "Aaron Paul Reviczky" authority to sell the home on his behalf.

"I don't have a grandson named Aaron," Reviczky says. "I don't have any grandsons."

On May 15, "Aaron Paul Reviczky" sold the property on his behalf for $450,000 to a purchaser named Pegman Meleknia, who took out a mortgage of $337,500.


(via /.)