Introducing Boing Boing Boing: the Boing Boing podcast!

Last Sunday, we recorded the first installment of the new Boing Boing podcast, Boing Boing Boing. This is a weekly podcast in which the Boingers and a guest talk about the week's Boing Boing stories and new projects coming up — a kind of Best of Boing Boing, in audio form.

This week's guest was the incomparable Mr Jalopy of the Hoopty Rides blog. Mr Jalopy is an incredible craphound and gearhead, a talented yard-saler, maker, and hot-rodder. In this 'cast, Mr Jalopy discusses his new book, his philosophy of yard sales, and the relative value of Yu-Gi-Oh cards versus Hot Cheetos.

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Update: Andrew sez, "Your Hot Cheetos story w/ Mr. Jalopy reminded me of a story from a year or two ago. A friend of mine was on a bus in Chicago, and witnessed a high school-aged girl perform a rather involved ceremony with a bag of Hot Cheetos and a vacuum sealed pickle. Before opening the Cheetos, she mashed them into tiny crumbs. She opened the cheetos and the pickle, setting the pickle to the side, and pouring the juice from the pickle packaging into the Cheetos bag. She then mashed this into a type of Cheetos/pickle juice slurry, and proceeded to squeeze the concoction into her mouth by turning the Cheetos bag into a sort of junk food pastry bag." Squick, squick, squick.

Update 2: Mark sez, "I have been fascinated by the Flamin Hot Cheetos phenomenon for a couple months now. I love looking around youtube for videos and searching the web for mor kids talking about how they love Flammin' Hot Cheetos on their myspaces. For a couple weeks I have been thinking of starting a blog where I can post the best stuff I find. I just didn't think there were many other adults interested. I thought that I must be some sort of creep or something. Then I listened to your podcast and I flipped out. I didn't know other grown people were into this. After listening to it I decided at work that the next day I would start my FHC blog. I just want to let all of you know that because of you I saw my idea to completion."