Astro etiquette

Astronauts gave etiquette lessons and practical advice to potential space tourists attending this week's International Symposium for Personal Spaceflight in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Some of the the tips are obvious, like clean up the toilet after using it, don't be a window hog, and avoid looking directly at the sun. (Apparently, one space tourist burned his retina by staring into the sun through a magnifying camera lens). From New Scientist:

The space veterans also offered practical advice to save time and frustration in orbit. They suggested women with long hair might cut it if they are planning to be in space for more than a couple of days. On shuttle flights, some women with lengthy manes spend about one hour every three days carefully shampooing their hair, then dabbing it dry. This is time that could be spent looking out the window at Earth.

They also said duct tape proves useful for capturing dental floss or fingernail clippings that might otherwise float around the cabin and become a nuisance to other passengers.