Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman takes an interesting look at "blobsquatches," blurry indistinct objects in photos that could either be a real, live Bigfoot or, well, a branch, a shadow, a rock, a tree stump, a smudge on the lens, etc.

 Wp-Content Blob1…(The) first known public lecture appearance of the word ("blobsquarch" was) on September 14, 2003. On that date, Alton Higgins, at the Willow Creek Symposium, flashed the term up on a screen and spent several minutes analyzing various blobsquatch images.

Higgins expanded what he presented at Willow Creek, and published his March 21, 2004 revised paper, which can be found online here: "Evaluating Purported Sasquatch Photographic Evidence".

Higgins wrote within that paper: "Any photo requiring equal parts interpretation and imagination (photos sometimes characterized as 'blobsquatches') should be discounted."