Loren Coleman interviewed in The Skeleton News

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman is interviewed in the December issue of Chicago monthly paper The Skeleton News. The interview is accompanied by Becca Taylor's wonderful illustration of Loren with a menagerie of cryptids, a portion of which is seen here. From the interview:

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Has the willingness of the greater scientific establishment to listen to or respond to your work substantially changed since the late-60s?

Yes, it has increased positively. Many childhood fans of cryptozoology are now professors in universities...

Which cryptid mysteries do you think are most likely to be settled in the public eye in the next couple decades?

The discovery of a new Asian great ape, whether it is the Orang Pendek in Sumatra, the Ebu Gobo in Indonesia, or an unknown orang in China, will occur, I think, in the next 25 years.

Link to the interview republished at Cryptomundo, Link to Loren Coleman's appearance on Boing Boing's Get Illuminated! podcast