Brian McCarty's Sasquatch photo

 Epostcard Ecard 0645A
Esteemed toy photographer Brian McCarty managed to capture this amazing photo of your friend and mine, the elusive Sasquatch! From the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo, creators of the Sasquatch vinyl toy:

(Sasquatch) has seen his fellow woodland friends slaughtered for no reason, and die from shrinking habitat. His favorite method of attack is with his liberated chain saws at close quarters. Often messy, but leaves a impressionable impact on his enemies. Bad humans in suits and ties are his favorite targets. Sasquatch has adapted in our new world very quickly over the last few years. He now often sneaks into the public library to surf the internet. Thru the web he met Yeti. They courted each other long distance via email and are now madly in love. With similar backgrounds and a growing anger towards human exploitation, they made contact thru an underground network and joined forces with the I.W.G….

Link to McCarty's ePostcard #45: Sasquatch, Link to purchase the limited edition Sasquatch vinyl toy ($50 with a portion of the proceeds donated to various non-profit wildlife groups)