Give-away orange lederhosen re-surface in Chinese board-game

Steve from Scary Toy Clown submits his "post following the path of bright orange novelty lederhosen from the Bavarian Beer company which have now shown up as the main game piece in a Chinese board game with an amusingly violent commercial. Video and pictures follow."

Bavaria Beer, a Dutch brewer, doesn't just make a hearty beer, they'll also sell you bright orange pants with a lion's tail attached. You can buy them here but they were originally given away if you bought enough beer. Bright orange is the color of Dutch pride and the Lion is the symbol of Dutch soccer so it would seem the perfect novelty garment. People who drink your beer get a free pair of lederhosen, the company gets some free adverstising as "Bavaria" is emblazoned across the chest. Chances are you'll get a few people to wear them to the game. You want to see a sea of orange? Look around for Dutch soccer fans on flickr…

Scrappy Chinese manufacturer, Wang Ming, saw an opportunity where others saw a crisis and pressed the excess pants into service as props in a baffling looking board game named Smack The Lion. Wang Ming makes 3 products: Plastic trees, Industrial oven hand protection, and Family Game. While I'm sure they make a nice tree, Family Game has a weirder back story.


(Thanks, Steve!)