Farting doll wins copyright dispute

A court recently awarded nearly a million bucks to Tekky Toys, a company that manufactures a farting doll called Pull My Finger Fred; at issue was a knock-off farting doll called Fartman:

Fartman could be Fred's twin. Fartman, also a plush doll, is a white, middle-aged, overweight man with black hair and a receding hairline, sitting in an armchair wearing a white tank top and blue pants. Fartman (as his name suggests) also farts when one squeezes his extended finger; he too cracks jokes about the bodily function. Two of Fartman's seven jokes are the same as two of the 10 spoken by Fred. Needless to say, Tekky Toys, which manufactures Fred, was not happy when Novelty, Inc., began producing Fartman, nor about Novelty's production of a farting Santa doll sold under the name Pull-My- Finger Santa.


(Thanks, Henry!)