Viacom censors Colbert Report machinima off YouTube

Wagner James Au sez, "As featured on Boing Boing last October, a filmmaking team created a hilarious spinoff of Stephen Colbert's 'Green Screen challenge' which had him fighting an army of Nancy Pelosi clones, created entirely within Second Life. It included a 15 second section of avatars *watching* the 'Colbert Report' from within Second Life, but the rest of the 90 second, CC-licensed video is all original content and clearly parody, both of the show and the American political scene.

"Not good enough for Viacom, evidently– or for YouTube to check. When you click on the YouTube video now, you get, 'This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.'

"The original video is still available on this page."


(Thanks, James!)