Flying motorcycle

Larry Neal, proprietor of The Butterfly gyroplane company, is the inventor of the incredible Super Sky Cycle, a flying motorcycle. A kit to build your own costs $37,195. Neal is also developing a two-seater model.

 Sscycle Images 001
From the press release:

"The problem with flying cars in the past was what to do with the wings once you were on the ground," said Neal. 'With a 'fly-drive' gyroplane, just fold the rotor blades and drive on down the road."

"Using rotor blades for the wings of a flying car makes the fly-drive Super Sky Cycle a new kind of vehicle," Neal said. "There's nothing else like it, a gyroplane that can fly at freeway speeds, land in 20 feet, be driven home as a motorcycle, and fit in your garage."

Link to Super Sky Cycle page, Link to YouTube video (via MAKE: Blog)