Obama wants Creative Commons licensed Presidential debates

Barak Obama has sent a letter to the DNC asking them to license the Presidential debates under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which would give everyone the freedom to share, mix, and recut the deliberation that leads to the next Presidency of the United States.

I am a strong believer in the importance of copyright, especially in a digital age. But there is no reason that this particular class of content needs the protection. We have incentive enough to debate. The networks have incentive enough to broadcast those debates. Rather than restricting the product of those debates, we should instead make sure that our democracy and citizens have the chance to benefit from them in all the ways that technology makes possible.

Your presidential campaign used the Internet to break new ground in citizen political participation. I would urge you to take the lead again by continuing to support this important medium of political speech. And I offer whatever help I can to secure the support of others as well.


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