Librarian's video about installing Ubuntu on library PCs

Internet folk-hero and librarian Jessamyn got some donated PCs without any operating system on them at her library, so she installed Ubuntu Linux. It took less than an hour to get all three machines up and running (and she even had time to make a video about her experience). I use Ubuntu, too — it's been my main operating system since last October and I've been completely delighted with it (and yes, I will shortly be writing an article about my experience).

I installed Ubuntu on two of the donated PCs at my library yesterday. It took less than an hour. In fact, if I hadn't been making the little movie at the same time [with my laptop and my little Canon digital Elph; I don't have a video camera] it would have taken me even less time. Ubuntu comes bundled with a lot of the popular Open Source software titles like OpenOffice, Gimp and Firefox. The Calef Library has two Windows PCs already so if people need specific software that doesn't run on Ubuntu, they can use those. I'd like to get them a Mac as well and then they can be the only library (to my knowledge) that is triple platform in the entire state of Vermont.


(Thanks, Cathy!)