Homebrew 3D candy printer

Douglips sez, "Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have built a 3D printer that works in sugar, but can also be used to do dot-matrix toasting. It's going to be at the Maker Faire, and boy does it kick all kinds of ass."

It certainly does. The Evil Mad Scientists have some key realizations about making junkfood in a fab: sugar is cheap, precision isn't important, and hot air guns are cheaper fusers than lasers. This looks totally build-able.

Our design goals were (1) a low cost design leveraging recycled components (2) large printable volume emphasized over high resolution, and (3) ability to use low-cost printing media including granulated sugar. We are extremely pleased to be able to report that it has been a success: Our three dimensional fabricator is now fully operational and we have used it to print several large, low-resolution, objects out of pure sugar.


(Thanks, Douglips!)