Paul Saffo's custom Moleskine cover

Moleskine-enthusiast Paul Saffo was troubled by the fragility of his notebook's spines, so he took matters into his own hands. He collaborated with Steve Derricott, proprietor of Gfeller Casemakers, artisans of fine products for field scientists, to fashion a custom leather Moleskine cover. It looks like it fits like a glove. Paul says that Steve is open to making more if there's interest. From Paul's post:

 Journal Img Opencover
 Journal Img Moleskinside
A key part of the design is a slot in the back inside sleeve that affords unhindered use of the Moleskine’s ticket pocket and elastic strap. And the cover is made from a natural calfskin (normally used for pencil loops on Gfeller’s field cases) that like my original Gfeller belt bag, will absorb skin oils and darken over time to a rich mahogany patina.

It might take time to get a cover of your own, but it will be worth the wait, for the result is not merely protection for your Moleskine, but like the Moleskine itself, an heirloom in the making.


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