Cory podcasts Bruce Sterling's "The Hacker Crackdown"

I've been podcasting my fiction since September 2005, and I've basically caught up. There are a couple of novels in the can that will be coming into print shortly, and some collaborative stories, but apart from them, I've read it all.

So now I'm reading other people's stuff — at least until I get more in the can. I'm starting with Bruce Sterling's brilliant, seminal book The Hacker Crackdown, a 1992 book that recounts the events that led to the founding of The Electronic Frontier Foundation, my former employer. Bruce released the book as a free electronic download nearly 10 years before I did the same with my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

This book changed my life — and the lives of countless others. It inspired me politically, artistically and socially. Last week, I saw Bruce at his home in Serbia and asked him if he minded my reading this aloud for the next 20 weeks or so. He gave me his blessing — so here it is.

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