High-tech Japanese toilets coming to ANA's 787 jets

Toto, manufacturers of talking Japanese toilets with wash-jets and blow-driers built in, are going to be outfitting a new generation of All Nippon Airways 787 jets.

OK, get those visions of Danny Deckchair out of your head, the combination bidet-toilets themselves don't have wings (if they did, you could call them "Always"), but they DO fly… aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliners ordered by Japan's number 2 (no pun intended) airline, All Nippon Airways. ANA's CEO Mineo Yamamoto confirmed that the new jets will feature warm jets – of water, that is – in their restrooms. Yamamoto proudly stated that the washlets will "refresh the parts other airlines cannot reach"… Wouldn't that look great on a billboard?


(via Gizmodo)