HOWTO make a weapon out of a newspaper

The Millwall Brick is a serious truncheon made out of a carefully folded newspaper, invented by English football hooligans who were getting all their other weapons confiscated at matches.

Lots of people have pointed out that the TSA has embarked on a fool's errand by confiscating our liquids, multi-tools, lighters, matches, etc — a lethal weapon can be improvised out of dental floss, a laptop battery, or a newspaper. And here's proof.

Say that tomorrow someone attacked a flight attendant and tried to get into a cockpit with a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Would the TSA ban newspapers on airplanes? How much longer are we going to let crazy people (terrorists and the TSA) drive our national policy?


The newspaper sheets can first be wetted with a liquid to add weight.

The blunt end can be wrapped with a shoelace or leather to increase its effectiveness.

The ends can be taped together and a string attached to the handle, enabling the user to swing the Millwall brick for faster action, similar to a meteor hammer.

A pencil, pen, or large nail can be driven from the first interior side near the middle perpendicularly through the first end so that that head of the nail securely rests against the first interior side. The nail may be secured in place by bringing the ends towards and adjacent to each other, effectively forming a crude nail bat.


(via Schneier)