Cory's WorldCon Yokohama schedule

I'm a program participant at the World Science Fiction in Yokohama, Japan this year. Hope to see many of you there! Here's my schedule:

Thursday, August 30, 4PM: How to Make SF More Inviting to Teens, with David M. Silver, Farah Mendelsohn, Lisa C. Freitag, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Friday, August 31, 11AM: Reading

Friday, August 31, Noon: Digital Maoism: Drowning the Individual Voice, with Eileen Gunn, Chris O'Shea

Friday, August 31, 4PM: The Tech Savvy Criminal, with Geoffrey A. Landis, Patricia MacEwen

Saturday, September 1, noon: Mundane or Transcendent? with Charles Stross, Robert Silverberg

Saturday, September 1, 2PM: The Universal Library, with Charles Stross, Linda Robinett, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tom Galloway

Sunday, September 2, 10AM: Kaffeeklatsche

Sunday, September 2, Noon, Defending Public Domain from Corporate Copyright Maximalism, with Inge Heyer, Naomi Novik, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

I'll also be presenting the Hugo Award for Best Novelette.