MediaDefender sends takedowns for leaked mail, gets savagely taunted

MediaDefender — sleazy copyright enforcers for the entertainment industry — have responded to last week's gigantic email leak by sending takedown notices to various torrent hosters, demanding that they remove the leaked email from the net. Their demands have been of dubious legality, badly formed and nonspecific, as though they were sputtering through so much rage they can barely type.

Torrent hosters have responded with sarcasm, profanity and a great deal of humor. Ars Technica has rounded up many of the best responses. These are fine reading.

From ISOHunt:

This e-mail serves as a counter notification under USC Title 17 Section 512 (c)(3)(A)(iii) that you have failed to properly identifying links to content that allegedly infringes your copyright/trademark/rights (or, in this case, has something to do with really embarrassing trade secrets *and* employee social security numbers) AND you have failed to address your e-mail to the appropriate agent, namely, so I invite you and your clients to take a long walk off a short pier, since you and/or your clients might actually manage to NOT get something that simple wrong… Despite us being located in Canada, if you do actually figure out how to compose a valid DMCA notice, we will honor it, just as soon as we're done laughing at you.

From Meganova:

Dearest little asstunnels, Let me start off by thanking you for your pitiful attempt to have your e-mails removed from the entire internet… In case you haven't noticed, this site is located in Europe (I hope you can point it out on a map) where your stupid copyright claims have no base. But fair is fair you guys did suffer over the past week so here's bit of advice to you guys: F*** you! F*** you again! F*** you again and again and again!


(Thanks, Erik!)