IT Crowd Season Two – the sexy finale

The season finale of The IT Crowd aired last week — the sex episode, where Jen ends up working as personal assistant to her lecherous boss, leaving the boys to go all Lord of the Flies. This is probably the funniest episode so far — and remarkably restrained for a sex episode. Hard to believe the season's over already — here's hoping for season three!

Eric adds:

I loved The IT Crowd so much, I went searching for other shows with the same actors. So far, both shows I've sampled have been fantastic. They've been mentioned in comments by BB readers, but never in an actual post:

"Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" is a fantastic show featuring both Richard Ayoade (Moss) and Matt Berry (new this season as Douglas Denholm). It is a send up of 80s horror/scifi — spoofing Dr. Who style production on bad Steven King plotlines. A previous BB reader called it "the single best reason to have a multi-region DVD player".

Another show with Berry in it is "The Mighty Boosh", though he's only in four out of fifteen episodes. However, guess who one of the co-stars is: Noel Fielding, IT Crowd's Richmond. His character in Boosh, Vince Noir, is a too-cool punk zoo keeper, and yes it's as funny as it sounds.

Link to Pirate Bay torrent

(Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant on series one of The IT Crowd, and my fiancee works at Channel Four)

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