Keep Your Copyrights: helping creators beat abusive contracts

My pal Tim Wu, a copyfighting attorney and law prof, is working on a new project to help authors retain control over their copyrights instead of assigning them to publishers, academic institutions, and other organizations, to stop copyrights from piling up into huge stockpiles controlled by greedy dinosaurs like the RIAA.

Many of the problems of the copyright system come from copyright in the
wrong hands. When copyrights get accumulated into large stockpiles, bad
things often happen, things that often aren't in the interests of authors.

Too often authors and other creators end up giving away their copyrights
when they don't need to. The point of our site,, is
to educate lawyers and non-lawyers on what to expect. We have collected
actual contracts with dangerous language to teach people what to look out


(Thanks, Tim!)