Scanning for Mona Lisa's secrets

An engineer using a 240-megapixel scanner he invented has uncovered the painted history of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, including some of the artist's original sketch lines, faded parts of the image, and what may have been the original colors. The results of Pascal Cotte's research are now being shown as part of the Da Vinci: Exhibition of Genius exhibition at San Francisco's Metreon. From the Associated Press:

Using sensors to detect light from both the visible spectrum and the infrared and ultraviolet ranges invisible to the human eye, Cotte said, his camera allowed him to make these and other findings:

* Da Vinci changed his mind about the position of two fingers on the subject's left hand.

* Her face was originally wider and the smile more expressive than Da Vinci ultimately painted them.

* She holds a blanket that has all but faded from view today.

Link (Thanks, Jason Weisberger!)

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