Dvorak funnies explain why your QWERTY habit needs to go

The Dvorak Zine has a free comic that narrates the storied history of the miserable QWERTY layout and its superior cousin, Dvorak, which practically no one uses, despite that fact that QWERTY is slow, gives you RSI, and is the keyboard layout most frequently employed by baby-eating sociopaths.

Seriously, the comic makes a great case, after the fashion of all people who do stuff that is empirically better but that no one else does (eating healthy food, taking regular exercise, and yes, switching to free software, cough cough).

I type QWERTY really goddamned fast, and it's really baked in for me. I even have dreams in which I type in QWERTY. My old roommate was a Dvorak convert and he tried to bring me over to the side of sweet reason more than once, without success, I'm afraid. Maybe it's time to try again.


(Thanks, Andrea!)