XKCD creator in Wired; reappearance of blog-goggles in today's strip

XKCD is my favorite geeky webcomic, and today there's a great profile of the comic and its creator, Randall Munroe, in Wired. Coincidentally, I make an appearance (in my persona as a hot-air- balloon- borne be-goggled, caped blogger) in today's strip (a fact that approximately 200 Boing Boing readers have written in to mention — a partial list of the first several appears below!).

On that day, nearly a thousand xkcd fans from as far away as England and Canada converged on the park, bearing tape measures and Rubik's cubes. At the assigned minute, Munroe emerged and spoke.

"Maybe wanting something does make it real," he said as his fans cheered and fought duels with foam swords. The comic that spurred the gathering was enlarged and hung from a fence, and fans took turns contributing to a new last panel, where dreams can come true.

"I had someone write in and say that he'd been hanging out with this girl for a while, and then one day she just kissed him out of the blue," Munroe said. "Since then, they've been together. She told him later that she'd done it because she'd read a comic that suggested you take more chances. I think everyone needs to just relax a little bit. People do meet people."

Link to Wired profile of Randall Munroe, Link to today's strip, Link to photo of me in blog-goggs

(Thanks, Zan, Brent, Macca, JK, Paul and Michael!)

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