Eric sez, "I shamelessly submit for your inspection my cocktail MAME cabinet hidden inside an IKEA dinner table.

Having my own cocktail MAME cabinet has spared my liver continuing harm caused by playing Ms. Pacman in its 'natural habitat,' the Golden Gopher."

This IKEA dinner table is expandable; it slides apart and more leaves can be inserted. When closed, it functions as a "dinner table" (that is, a place to pile my crap (temporarily relocated to the floor nearby)). It can be opened to reveal a sit-down MAME cabinet.

The display is a 15" LCD I got on sale. The controls are all from Happ Controls, and they're wired to an Ultimarc I-PAC . The surfaces are lasercut acrylic. Carpentry of varying quality holds everything to the existing table frame.

You can play any game on the MAME cabinet; some cooperate better than others on a sit-down style cabinet. I play Ms. Pacman exclusively, which hasn't yet translated into a better score.


(Thanks, Eric!)