Toy hacking workshop in London Jan 12/13

The H3 Toy Hacking workshop runs in London on January 12-13. It's a two-day hands-on training session in which you'll be taught to strip, reimagine and remake electronic toys, turning them into your own glorious frankentoys. No knowledge of electronics is required.

Don't know what to do with those spare toys lying around post-Christmas season? This workshop just might be the thing for you. After a successful Pimp my Gadget workshop in Budapest, we have the pleasure of having Adam Somlai Fisher and Massimo Banzi lead his 2 day fun workshop during which you will be doing some wire bending, learn about basic electronics and hack toys!


(via Geekdad)

(Image: Winter Toy Assault, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Jurvetson's Flickr stream)