Marseille Figs: uptempo pop from a "small big band" — Violent Femmes meets Tom Waits meets Squirrel Nut Zippers

Yesterday, I picked up "The Dirty Canon," Marseille Figs's first album on the advice of a friend. I've barely listened to anything since. My pal called them a "three piece big band" who trade instruments around a lot and change up on every track. That's a great explanation — they sound like a cross between Violent Femmes and Tom Waits, with some Squirrel Nut Zippers and even a little Louis Jordan tossed in for good measure, a rich stew of every music style overlaid with funny and soulful lyrics. Mostly uptempo, it put me in an instant good mood. What's more, it's just plain lovely — there's a current of something delicate and wistful swirling through all twelve tracks. Check out the free downloads on the site and see what you think.

Link to Marseille Figs's site, Link to The Dirty Canon on Amazon UK

(Thanks, Stef!)