's 10th anniversary Haunted Mansion bash: a swinging wake for Mansion trufans

ChefMayhem of the brilliant Haunted Mansion fansite writes, "Next month, DoomBuggies is hosting its 10-year anniversary bash at Disneyland Park in the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. We rented out the restaurant for the evening, and the custom menu features items such as "Bride's Beating Heart Red Pepper Bisque," Filet Mignon and Shrimp, and "Graveyard Chocolate Coffins." We have WED Imagineer X Atencio and a few other Haunted Mansion legends lined up to speak at the program. We hired the Hitchhiking Ghosts to join us. We tracked down the Randotti heir, who's going to talk about designing and creating early souvenir skulls and tombstones for Disneyland, and we're giving away an authorized Randotti product as a special gift to each attendee. We're hosting a free raffle to registrants that will offer 1 out of every 10 attendees the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Club 33. And after the park closes, we're taking a private, after-hours ride through the Haunted Mansion to close out the evening."

Come join with like-minded fiends at DoomBuggies' 10th Anniversary
graveyard smash! While our original registration deadline is past, a few
cancellations have left a small number of tickets available – so come
join us! Attendees at our Swinging Wake will have a rare opportunity to
hear stories directly from some of the famed imagineers who originally
worked with Walt Disney and created the Haunted Mansion – in a personal
setting with amazing food and wonderful people. This is truly a rare
opportunity for fans of Disneyland and Disney history.

Holy crap, I wish I could go to this!