Official fan-run Kids in the Hall reunion tour MySpace

Tavie sez,

Fan labor is cheap – and if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

In cooperation with their management, I'm running the official Myspace page for the Kids in the Hall 2008 reunion tour. It's pretty fun, although it mainly involves correcting date links and hitting "accept" for a bunch of people several times a day. Soon we'll have some content from the Kids themselves, which ought to be highly awesome.

Can't wait until the show gets to NYC.

This is fandom at its most fun. I love it when the artists enlist the fans to help – this whole tour feels very "homegrown" right now and I'm thrilled to be involved in it.

If they come to your city, I highly recommend you snag yourself a ticket. The Kids are all nearing "50" now, and they seriously are as funny a they ever were, if their show last summer in Montreal is any indication. (Which it is.)


(Thanks, Tavie!)