Shellac Sisters, DJs who play 78s

The Shellac Sisters are a London DJ troupe that spins exclusively 78rpm records. No Technics 1200s for this crew. They use 1920s wind-up gramophones and wear period clothing. From their Web site:

 Images Red CarpetWe have a vast collection of 78s covering all styles of music from the twenties through to the fifties… Big band swing by Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters, classics like Tea for Two and The Lambeth Walk, novelties by Noel Coward and cheeky music hall acts, 1920s flapper favourites, Hollywood movie classics from Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Marlene Dietrich, jumping jive by Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan, 1950s rock'n'roll from Elvis and bombshell hits from Marilyn Monroe, romantic serenades by Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole, latin exotics by Carmen Miranda and Perez Prado… tea dancing foxtrots, quicksteps, blackbottoms and cockney knees ups!

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