Carrotmob proposes to buy out liquor store in exchange for environmental improvements

Brent sez, "I'm starting a new non-profit network of consumers called Carrotmob. We want to use our collective buying power as a bargaining tool in order to make corporations do environmentally friendly things. Our first 'experimental' campaign is this Saturday. We're going to get hundreds of people to show up at a liquor store in SF at 1pm and buy the place out. The store is spending 22% (they won a bidding war) of the revenue we bring in on environmental improvements to their store. Afterparty with free concert in Dolores Park. Please post or pass along if you like it…"

What sort of things are they going to spend this 22% on?

Well I assembled a team of energy experts, and we decided to go through the SF Energy Watch program. Their people are doing audits of the lighting and refrigeration systems at K & D to come up with a list of all the improvements they could make, as well as the likely cost of those improvements. Once we calculate how much cash we've brought in, they will choose which changes they want to make based on how much money they have to work with.


(Thanks, Brent!)