Details interview with John Waters

Details magazine has a fun interview with the always-entertaining John Waters, in which he discusses how he supports the troops in Iraq, Hairspray, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. From Details:

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Q: People always talk about your outlandish fascinations. Do you have any normal ones?
A: I do love The Chipmunks. I’m erotically obsessed with Alvin. I talk about that on my Christmas show, how I wanted to have sex with Alvin and the Chipmunks. And a real animator–I’m not going to tell you what period he was from–just drew one for me of Alvin jerking off. One of the best fan presents I ever got.

Q: What’s arousing about a chipmunk?
A: Nothing! But the idea that you’re so excited that you suddenly turn into another voice by getting worked up: "Alvin. . . Alvin . . .ALVIN!!! OKAY!" It’s beyond speed. It’s like you’re at the wrong speed. I’ve always lived my life at the wrong speed, I think, so I kind of love the idea. It’s probably the only thing everybody else likes that I like.