High tech hurts bowling's credibility

Apparently, the sport of bowling isn't taken as seriously anymore because various ball and lane technologies can have a tremendous impact on scores. That's according to the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), who just completed a two-year study on the dynamics of high-tech bowling balls. The USBC is now launching an audit of the entire "System of Bowling" and hope to come up with some standards to, er, level the playing field. From Motion System Design:

The testing process officially began in summer 2006 after the formation of the USBC task force. A total of 59 particle and reactive resin bowling balls were used for the study conducted in the USBC testing center, Greendale, Wis., which includes eight lanes in a climate-controlled building. USBC's robotic ball thrower, nicknamed "Harry," was used to roll the test balls. The data was measured using "Super C.A.T.S." (computer aided tracking system) to record the velocity of the bowling balls as they were rolled down the lane. The system is made up of 23 small electronic sensors installed on the lanes.

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