Google "shell" for your browser

Goosh, a "Google shell" for your browser, is a hell of a lot of fun. Add Goosh to your Firefox searchbar, and you get a bunch of cool shortcuts for powerful searching, and results presented in streamlined, ad-free form:

web (search,s,w) [keywords] google web search
lucky (l) [keywords] go directly to first result
images (image,i) [keywords] google image search
wiki (wikipedia) [keywords] wikipedia search
clear (c) clear the screen
help (man,h,?) [command] displays help text
news (n) [keywords] google news search
blogs (blog,b) [keywords] google blog search
feeds (feed,f) [keywords] google feed search
open (o) <url> open url in new window
go (g) <url> open url
more (m) get more results
in (site) <url> <keywords> search in a specific website
load <extension_url> load an extension
video (videos,v) [keywords] google video search
read (rss,r) <url> read feed of url
place (places,map,p) [address] google maps search
lang <language> change language
addengine add goosh to firefox search box
translate (trans,t) [lang1] [lang2] google translation


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