WWDC 2008: Join Boing Boing's IRC chorus of coverage at 1PM EST


The stage is set, the lights are dimmed, the audience murmurs impatiently. But the tragedy and ecstasy of this year's WWDC can be staged for neither the hoi polloi or the gentry without strapping a scented toga around our play's missing actor: you.

We need your help. If you care at all about Apple, why not join the Boing Boing Gadgets crew in the #boingboing IRC channel to discuss Steve Jobs announcements in real-time? It starts at 1pm EST. We'll take the best IRC comments and make them the chorus in our Neo-Ovidian masterwork, The Keynote, starring Steve Jobs (A God), Marvin Batelle (A Time Traveler) and Julian Sands (An Inexpensive Actor).

For more details on how to join #boingboing on IRC, check out this post for detailed instructions or simply click this link to be whisked away via handy Java applet. A list of live blog coverage to comment upon can be found here.


Update: The curtain rises on The Keynote. Behold! Our tangle of thorns!