Hand drawn tourist map of New Jersey's prisons, 1955

Jim sez, "Rutgers has an interesting collection of historic maps online, including what appears to be a 1955 tourist map … of prisons."

The hand-drawn map has normal touristy captions notations like:
– High Point State Park [Highest Point in NJ]
– Lake Hopatcong (largest in NJ) Popular Summer Resort
– Newark's Airport is world's busiest

But the map is dominated by prisons:
– Here maximum and limited security for industrial type prisoner under 30 (Ref't'y Rahway)
– Here minimum custody for older men of common labor type and men nearing time of discharge (Prison Farm Bordentown)
– Here minimum security for men 18-30 trainable in vocational and agricultural work (Annandale Farms)

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(Thanks, Jim!)