Win a customized Asus Mini painted by Donato

Tor Books is raffling off this gorgeous Asus Mini laptop that's been hand-painted by famed science-fictional artist Donato: all you need to do to win is sign up to get word when the awesome (yes, I've seen it) website launches:

As a promo for, we asked Donato to paint an Asus mini computer which you, yes you, can win! To sign-up, go to

The first time I watched this I realized what makes Donato Donato. There's a point about third of the way through where I thought he was done….and then he keeps painting.

The computer is in my office and is supposed to be on display at ComicCon. It's been hard to bat co-workers away from it. Should it go missing, my list of suspects is long.


(Thanks, Patrick!)