Learn to build a network-attached storage out of old PCs tonight in LA

Los Angeles's Machine Project continues with its series of seminars tonight with "Unix for N00bz: How To Access Your Data From Anywhere" — a class on turning old PCs and hard-drives into network-attached storage devices that serve your files from anywhere.

Since we are asking you to bring your own equipment to work with, the class will be structured into two parts:

First, a lecture covering the high level topics involved in setting up NAS at home and online. We'll discuss the structure of the Internet, routers, IP addresses, DNS, dynamic DNS, and how you can configure many different kinds of computer systems to run the necessary services for access. There are some limitations however, and we'll discuss those too.

Second, we'll break into groups to work with the equipment you've brought. We'll be setting up everything we've just discussed on the machine network and making a plan for what you'd need to do at home to get it working.


(Thanks, Michele!)