Stephenson's Anathem was inspired by Clock of the Long Now

Neal Stephenson's forthcoming novel Anathem was inspired by the amazing Clock of the Long Now, a project to make a clock that runs for 10,000 years. The Long Now foundation is helping to launch the book with a signing in September in San Francisco, and its esteemed board members have been weighing in on the book:

"'I suffer from attention surplus disorder,' jokes a character in Anathem. Attention surplus is exactly what Stephenson teaches his readers, in a book so tightly crafted it rewards instant rereading." – Stewart Brand

"It is a great story, set in an alternative reality where people take long-term thinking seriously." – Danny Hillis

"Long Now's 10,000-year clock inspired Neal Stephenson's new story, Anathem, and now Anathem is inspiring the Long Now. In ten centuries, no one will be sure which came first." – Kevin Kelly


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